Helping Families Take Control Of Legal Issues

Your family has come to a crossroads and you need assistance with a legal matter. You are not sure how to handle this complex problem — you only know that you need to resolve your issue as soon as possible and successfully emerge on the other side.

When Oregon families need an attorney, they put their trust in Famulary. Masterful Attorneys. At our law firm, we work hand in hand with clients to obtain the best possible resolution to each case. We can provide you with the information that you need to make informed decisions about your family law matters.

If you live in the Portland area, we can assist you with numerous issues including:

  • Divorce: We guide clients through the divorce process so you and your family can start a happier life.
  • Property division: With extensive experience in asset protection, we can help you obtain a favorable distribution of assets.
  • Spousal support: Whether you will pay or receive support, we can work toward the arrangement that is best for you.
  • Child custody: Our lawyers will fight to obtain the custody arrangement that you want for yourself and your children.
  • Child support: We will also help you reach a financially beneficial child support arrangement that suits your children's needs.

Get Help For Many Legal Issues In One Place

Practice areas like family law, estate planning, elder law and probate often intersect. Divorce, for example, can affect the assets and beneficiaries in your estate plan. An inheritance from a relative's estate may play a role in determining property division or spousal or child support.

It is important to work with an attorney who understands the many nuances of these overlapping areas and has experience in each field. If your case involves more than one practice area, then Famulary. Masterful Attorneys can assist you. We have experience with numerous complex cases that involve intersecting practice areas.

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