Helping Clients Plan For The Future

For many people, planning for the future can be a terrifying prospect. Making end-of-life decisions and fighting to avoid financial peril can be intimidating for individuals and couples alike. We encourage you to schedule a free consultation to discuss your options for Medicaid planning for your long-term care solution.

At Famulary. Masterful Attorneys, we understand the struggle you are facing. Our lawyers have extensive experience representing clients in the full range of estate planning, probate and elder law matters. With offices in Beaverton and Salem, we can provide legal guidance for clients in communities throughout Oregon.

What Does Medicaid Planning Entail?

While Medicaid is a federal law, each participating state can deviate in certain, limited ways. It is critical that you discuss your specific needs with an experienced Oregon elder law attorney who can properly guide you and answer your questions.

Unfortunately, many people have saved and planned for their future long-term care needs only to be astonished at the rising cost of care. It is our goal to help clients put together effective strategies to help pay for their care while protecting their estates. An effective plan can lead to a higher quality of care while preserving family savings to be passed on to the next generation of heirs.

In addition to numerous other factors, Medicaid eligibility is generally determined by an income test, an asset test and a needs test. While the requirements might change, a skilled elder law attorney can provide the answers you need. In a panic, many couples will attempt to "spend down" their assets to ensure they come under the required income/asset tests. We encourage you to make no such decisions until you've had a chance to discuss your unique circumstances with a lawyer at our firm.

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